Our business is driven by quality over quantity. 




Take the time to evaluate talent on the-job before making a full-time hiring decision on our payroll. When the timing is right, you can move the employee from our payroll and extend a permanent job offer. Contact us for more details.



Orchestrating the perfect match is our specialty. Our expert reputation for success in the marketplace is unparalleled. Improve your access to top talent by sourcing passive candidates with specific skills and expertise. Contact us for more details. 



We put in writing an exclusive agreement with your company that we will not service any competitor’s in your industry or any other businesses within a geographic mile-radius. In turn, we become your exclusive provider. Contact us for more details.

We take a personalized approach to your business.


After years of working for large staffing corporations, our founder realized several companies hiring needs were not being consistently met. The customer that had the largest number of openings at the time would get the most attention. Meanwhile, the other customers would suffer with the leftovers.

The Clerical Professionals were formed to provide expert service based on a customer’s individual need for quality talent. Our promise is to always take a personalized approach to your business. Contact us today.